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ZTE F930 review

Another low-cost touchscreen handset hits the decks

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Our Verdict

It's not going to break the bank at £70/£80, but the ZTE F930 is still a mite expensive for the feature set it offers up.


  • Small and light
  • Good Home screens arrangement
  • Good stills camera
  • Some nice software features
  • 3.5mm, top mounted headset connector


  • No Wi-Fi or GPS
  • Disappointing web browser
  • No FM radio
  • No mobile email

ZTE f930 review

The ZTE F930 camera is a 3MP shooter with a dual LED flash that adds a fair bit of light to indoor photography.

The side-mounted camera key is a bit of a fiddle to use, both because it's small to find with a fingertip and because it sits flush with the chassis. This is irritating because you need to use it to launch the camera and to take a photo.

Unsurprisingly, the camera isn't brimming over with features, but there are a few useful bits and pieces. There's a portrait shooting mode which has presets for shooting people – as opposed to scenes – and also a night shooting mode, which bumps up the amount of light the lens lets in.

You can also manually fiddle with the white balance and contrast, and add sepia and black and white effects. But that's your lot.

There is a very tiny amount of shutter lag, but not enough to make a difference in most situations.

We were quite impressed with what the camera turned out. We anticipated grainy images with poor capture of detail and what we got was completely the opposite.

ZTE f930
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WELL-LIT: Indoors, albeit in a large railway station with light streaming through the roof, the camera managed to capture this photo rather well. There is a little graininess to the image, but it's a lot better quality than we'd expected

ZTE f930
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OVEREXPOSED: The camera struggled in bright sunshine and overexposed this shot, but many phone cameras would have done the same. This photo was taken on one of the hottest and brightest days of the year so far

ZTE f930
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DETAIL: The camera managed quite well here, capturing the detail on those statues pretty well

ZTE f930
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ZTE f930
Click here for full-res version

INDOORS: Indoors, the camera struggled much more than outside. Without the flash, it couldn't really let in enough light to take anything more than quite grainy photos. With the flash fairly close, photos benefited, but if we were more than a metre away from our subject the effects started to diminish

The video camera shoots at 3GP and MP4 samples, and tops out at 320 x 240. You can record sound with your video if you want to, but judging from the quality of our tests we'd advise steering clear altogether.