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ZTE Anthem 4G review

High-ranking call quality but low-end everywhere else

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Our Verdict


  • Great call quality
  • Includes Kung Fu Panda 2 on a microSD card


  • Feels like a brick
  • Very outdated software
  • Pricey


The back camera on the Anthem runs up to 5-megapixels, although the front-facing camera is a measly .3 megapixel VGA job that was barely adequate for video chat. The images we took here all appeared weak, especially when using the built-in flash.

ZTE Anthem 4G review
Outdoor shots with strong lighting could come out well...

ZTE Anthem 4G review
...but also had the potential for color distortion

ZTE Anthem 4G review
Details can be lost in the mix

Everything somehow managed to look washed out, grainy, and with a tinge of greenish hue throughout. While five megapixels should be decent for a casual camera, they just don't do the trick here.

ZTE Anthem 4G review
Indoor lighting made for dull colors

ZTE Anthem 4G review
The flash was strong enough to light up pitch darkness


Video is even worse than the photos, with the phone promising HD 1080p resolution, but delivering it with a lot of grain and stuttering framerates in many cases. It's not a camera you would want to use to record family events or keepsake moments. And it goes without mentioning that the front-facing camera should only be used if you find yourself with your hand trapped under a boulder while hiking.