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Motorola Droid 4 review

The best physical QWERTY phone in the world?

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Our Verdict

If you're looking for a phone with a physical keyboard and LTE capabilities, this is the phone for you.


  • The excellent keyboard
  • Smart actions
  • 20+ Mbps downloads
  • Sturdy build quality
  • the price is right


  • Gingerbread is getting stale
  • underwhelming display
  • non-removable battery
  • poor battery life
  • a bit clunky


Motorola droid 4

The Droid 4 comes with Google Maps baked-in, of course, and there's also heavy emphasis on Google's Lattitude location sharing service.

Motorola droid 4

You can use voice recognition to search for places on the map, and use either Google Maps or VZW Navigator to find your way.

Motorola droid 4

Both apps work well enough, although Google Maps seemed more reliable when it came to finding businesses in San Francisco.


Motorola droid 4

Besides the other apps we've already mentioned, the Droid 4 also ships with a plethora of extra apps: VCast Apps seems a bit pointless when you've got access to the Android Market.

Motorola droid 4

Smart Actions, on the other hand, can be quite useful, especially for new Android users. It suggests rules to help use your phone more effectively.

After being kept awake all night by Twitter notifications, we were pleased to see Smart Actions offer to automatically silence the phone at night.

Motorola droid 4

Rules can also be manually added, or tweaked to match your preferences. And if you need a break, Madden NFL 12(!) and Let's Golf 2 can engage you in a little mindless thumb-twiddling.