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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V review

The GT-P7100 Vodafone version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is here!

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Our Verdict


  • Android 3.0 is great
  • It's a true multitasker
  • 8MP camera is class-leading
  • Battery life is decent
  • Excellent screen


  • Glitches need fixing before release
  • No external storage port
  • No MicroUSB port
  • What's the price??


The camera on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V packs an 8MP sensor, allowing you to capture very high resolution images, as well as HD video.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v camera

Of course, resolution is not the be-all and end-all of photography, but luckily the 10.1V is able to produce some very encouraging images all the same. Android 3.0's camera app makes great use of the Tegra 2 processor and is able to apply any number of different settings when taking the shot.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v photo
See full-res image

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v
See full-res image

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v
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Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v
See full-res image

The camera deals well even when there are both dark and bright areas in shot at the same time, although very bright areas are often over exposed and lack a bit of detail.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v
See full-res image

Auto white balance works a treat, but you can change lighting settings according to whether you're outside or inside beneath fluorescent lighting etc.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v photo

The 10.1-inch screen is also a brilliant viewfinder – it's almost too big in fact, as you have to hold it well away from your face in order to be able to see everything in the shot.

There's an 8x digital zoom on offer here as well, and while image quality obviously degrades substantially when you employ this feature, the results could be a lot worse.

Digital zoom = 0

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v

Digital zoom = 8x

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v

There's also an LED flash to be found next to the sensor, so when shooting in a dark room you've got more of a chance of capturing a decent image.

Video capture

Video is captured at full HD 1080p, although the quality of the output is far below what you'd expect even from 720p capture on a compact camera.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v video recording

Frame rates are decent, but the sharpness you'd normally expect from HD footage is absent. What this basically means is that you're better off shooting at lower quality and saving storage space.

Overall though, the camera on the 10.1V really does show up the iPad 2's camera for being the inadequate and outdated sensor that it is.