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Deepcool Fiend Shark review

Freaky name, chunky design, weak cooling. Shame.

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Our Verdict

Looks impressive but unfortunately suffers performance wise, like most top-coolers do, in comparison with their tower cooling competitors.


  • Ease of fitting
  • Quiet


  • Performance
  • Price

To test the coolers we used an Asus P8Z68-V motherboard and an Intel i7 2600K which we overclocked to 4.6GHz for overclocked part of the testing.

To stress the CPU we ran the Small FFT's test of Prime95 for 20 minutes using the RealTemp utility to measure the core temperature's, averaging out the temperature for all the cores.

Deepcool fiend shark

Standard clock performance

Deepcool fiend shark

Deepcool fiend shark

Overclocking performance

Deepcool fiend shark

Peak to idle performance

Deepcool fiend shark