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Toshiba 47WL968 review

Great upscaling and 3D star on this flagship TV with BBC iPlayer

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Our Verdict


  • Contrast and black levels
  • Resolution+ processing
  • Slim bezel
  • Convenient 3D system
  • Four HDMI inputs


  • Poor remote control
  • Limited smart TV apps
  • Some processing artefacts

A 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD resolution, Edge LED-backlit LCD panel (manufactured by LG) is the centrepiece of the Toshiba 47WL968, and there's plenty more advanced TV tech inside.

The key reason to buy this over another Toshiba TV is its advanced treatment of what Toshiba calls '3D Natural'. Using the cheaper polarised 3D glasses, the same as in cinemas, means four pairs in the box; beat that, active shutter nemesis.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

If you're unsure about the two competing flavours of 3D and what's best for you, see our Active Shutter vs Passive 3D TV: which is best? guide.

Though firmly a 2D-only technology, the Toshiba 47WL968's 400 AMR deserves some explaining. It stands for Active Motion Resolution, and is a frame interpolation technology that's trying to up the frame rate of what you see.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

On the Toshiba 47WL968 it combines a 200Hz-capable panel (which should lessen motion blur) with a blinking backlight that inserts guessed-at frames of video, principally to remove judder from Blu-ray.

The end result is what The Hobbit's high frame rate achieves naturally - an increase in the frames your eye sees each second. And like The Hobbit, it has a hyper-real effect, though on the TV's interface this feature is called ClearScan.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

Toshiba Places is the 47WL968's smart TV platform, and though it's nowhere near as slick or expansive as some efforts, it does manage the likes of YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Acetrax movies, Twitter, Facebook and Skype (though only if you buy a clip-on £85 Freetalk Conference II HD camera) - and wirelessly, at that.

Staying on the wireless theme, the Toshiba 47WL968 deals in Intel Wireless Display, WiDi for short, whereby WiDi-capable laptops and netbooks can be displayed without cables.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

The Toshiba 47WL968 also makes for a versatile digital TV. It's fitted with a Freeview HD tuner, of course, but there's a choice to be had here between having the TV schedules delivered either over-the-air from the broadcasters, or from the web.

The latter necessitates the Toshiba 47WL968 being attached to a broadband router and consists of MediaGuide, a stylish and fast-working electronic programme guide supplied by Rovi. The Toshiba 47WL968 has its own EPG, too, but MediaGuide is in a different league, and fully integrates with the TV's other functions - though both include the ability to set recordings to a hard disk hooked up via one of the TV's two USB slots.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

There's also a Toshiba MediaGuide app available for Android-powered tablets and smartphones, which enables you to browse and control the EPG; it works a bit like the new Virgin Tivo app.

We'll end on a high with the highlights of the ins and outs on the rear of the Toshiba 47WL968. Four HDMI inputs lead the charge, with two USB slots, a full RGB Scart, wired LAN, optical audio, component video and headphones slots also supplied. That's plenty for living rooms and home cinemas alike.

Toshiba 47WL968 review