The TechRadar Christmas wishlist 2013

We've been really, really good

Dan Grabham, Associate Editor - TechRadar Pro

Nexus 7

Nexus 7

I've been writing about Kindle Fire apps and games recently, and the Kindle Fire I've been using to do it has really opened my eyes to the usefulness of small screen tablets. And specifically, small screen tablets that aren't made by Apple and don't cost the earth.

The Kindle Fire HDX would be an ace choice, but I've decided to plump for the non-Amazon inculcated Nexus 7. It's a thing of loveliness and it's £20 cheaper than the Kindle Fire HDX.

Dell XPS 11

iPad 4

I'm lucky enough that I get to use a lot of PCs in my job. And this year I've mainly used a MacBook Air, an Ultrabook and a Surface Pro at different times - all very good.

And while I appreciate the Santa budget may only want to stretch to a Chromebook, the only thing that floats my boat is another do-anything yet lightweight device. Dell's new XPS 11 looks like it might be the ticket. We're certainly looking forward to reviewing one SOON PLEASE DELL.

Windows 9

Windows 9

OK, this is a totally silly one, but I've been using Windows 8 for a year and a half now and, well, it's not getting any better and I'm bored. If anything, the search got worse with Windows 8.1 and, well Santa, I can no longer find the files I want to, while the apps are only getting better REALLY slowly.

I mean a year to develop a Facebook app? Come on. I'm really hoping that someone of your power and resource can encourage Microsoft to deliver a new OS in Windows 9, just for me.

And one app for Boxing Day


Everybody always tells me how great Tweetbot 3 is, but it costs £2. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm stingy and I expect everything for free.

That's not actually the case, but I hate it when people release new versions of apps and re-charge people that bought the original. Still, I guess people have to make money somehow.