Best Verizon phones: 10 we recommend

What's the best Verizon phone? We're here to help you choose

Best Verizon phones

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - the big phone to own

The word phablet is dead to us. Scratch that, it never even lived. Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is a big screen phone that is indeed fab though. In fact it's a monster. It's got specs that scream, a killer 1080p screen, and a form factor that will send most running for the hills. Still, for the right kind of buyer, this phone is a dream come true. It's also the only phone currently compatible with Samsung's Galaxy Gear, if that interests you.

Verizon stocks a 32GB model in black or white for $299 with contract.

Why you want it

A big, borderline ridiculous screen. The Note 3 itself is just shy of 6-inches, and the screen is 5.7-inches. It's a real pocket stretcher, and might work better for someone who carries a purse or bag to keep it in, rather than tucking it in a pair of skinny jeans. It's an awesome way to surf the web, game and watch videos, though.

A performance monster with battery life to match. With a great form factor comes plenty of space for a great battery. It has a 3200 mAh battery, a real whopper of a cell. That sucker will easily see you through the day, and then some. It also has a quad-core processor with a world beating 3GB of RAM. That's some future proofing right there.

MicroSD support. If you're buying a phone with a screen this big, you're going to be playing games and watching movies, right? Verizon's Note 3 already has 32GB of space, so being able to jack it up with an additional 64GB is almost nutty. You won't want for space with this guy.

Why you may not want it

It's huge! That's the biggest stopper. It's a two-handed phone to say the least, and not something that can fit comfortably in most pants pockets, even if you've opted for a reasonably cut pair of Levis. Definitely try this guy in your hand before you put any money down.

It's plastic, with some tacky design. Samsung tried to address complaints about its the slick feel of its phones by giving the Note 3 a faux leather backing. It is an improved in-hand feel, but that goofy plastic stitching really shouldn't be there. Didn't you hear Jony Ive? Skeuomorphism is totally last year.