Best Verizon phones: 10 we recommend

What's the best Verizon phone? We're here to help you choose

Best Verizon phones

7. iPhone 5C - a cheaper iPhone, not a cheap iPhone

Surely the iPhone 5C is the iPhone Jony Ive saw when he closed his eyes. Colorful and sleek, it walks hand and hand with his iOS 7. Is the right iPhone for you, the Verizon customer?

Currently, Verizon stocks all four colors, in 16 or 32GB variants. Apple doesn't make a 64GB option.

Why you want it

It's an iPhone at $100 less. Maybe your iPhone 4S is starting to creak, or perhaps you're looking to enter Apple's ecosystem for the first time. Now you can do so without spending $200 for a 16GB phone.

For the colorful. It's subjective as to whether or not this is a good thing, but if you find the black, gold and grey of the 5S to be dull, the lively hues of the 5C will be a nice change.

Inside, it's an upgraded iPhone 5. Apple usually keeps last year's iPhone around at a reduced price. Its bucked that trend by discontinuing the iPhone 5 in favor of the 5C. It's a pity that we won't be getting the 5's metal body and 64GB option at a lower cost, but the 5C features an improved camera that the 5 never had.

Why you may not want it

No A7 processor. With the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced the A7 processor, a 64-bit chip for its smartphones and tablets. It's obscenely fast and seems highly future proof. Unfortunately, the 5C is stuck with the A6. When apps start to be optimized for that 64-bit architecture, it'll be far behind the curve.

$100 more buys you a lot more iPhone. A hundred bucks buys a lot of apps, but it'll also get you much faster iPhone. Remember you'll be stuck with this phone for 2 years, assuming you sign a contract. The 5S has Touch ID, a better processor and a sharper camera. The 5C might be cute, but there's a lot more to be had for not much more money.

It's plastic. Another subjective one. While the 5C has charm, we love the machined aluminum body of the iPhone 5 and 5S. Ditching that has made the 5C colorful, but given it a less than premium feel. This one's up to you, but don't just go on looks. Duck into a store and hold one in your hand before you just order one online.