Google's Santa Tracker is all ready to go

Hope you made it to the nice list

Google s Santa Tracker is all ready to go

If you've been wondering about the strange familiarity of music when you are doing your weekly shop, and an unusually heavy amount of people wearing red and white hats then we're happy to reveal that this is because it's nearly Christmas - and that means the annual Google Santa Tracker is here.

Yep, every year we bring you the news that Google is allowing you to keep an eye on just where Father Christmas' sleigh is parked up, and keep tabs on how many presents he has delivered.

And even better you can follow all of this on the internet at

He knows...

For those of you still on the go (for instance at least one of the TechRadar team is on a major motorway writing this very story), you can follow Saint Nick on an Android app.

But if you really want to get with the tech, you will of course be taking advantage of the 3D option through Google Earth and Google Earth Mobile.

And of course following the updates on Twitter. Honestly, we just don't know how Santa finds the time...