In pictures: Lego Star Wars for Chrome

The future of gaming - in browsers

Lego  Star Wars   The Quest for R2D2

One of the things that Google has shown off at its I/O developers conference is the way in which 3D games will run in its browser – and it illustrated this with Lego: Star Wars – the Quest For R2D2.

The impressive looking game was actually running through a plugin, but Google insisted that there was a full working version that used HTML5 – the next generation of browser code.

This will mean increasingly impressive feats from a browser, and the early signs for the games look good.

So, without further ado, here are some screenshots of this game in browser – and a look into the future for gaming

Lego  star wars   titles

Lego  star wars   titles 2

Lego  star wars   characters

Lego  star wars   stats

Lego  star wars   gameplay

Lego  star wars   gameplay 2